Energy Mix

  • Diversifying Nigeria’s Energy Mix, Decentralising the Grid and other Power Sector Solutions

    From choosing between coal, gas and renewables for Nigeria’s energy mix; to decentralising the electricity grid and relaxing regulations, Mr. Adetayo Adegbemle, the Executive Director of PowerUp Nigeria, shares radical ideas for solving Nigeria’s power crisis. His primary premise is: “if we have been following conventional approaches for over 50 years now, and they haven’t helped much,…

  • Nigeria Power Grid 101

    An animation video explaining the basic facts on Nigeria's national grid, from generation to transmission, power plants to cost of extending cables across the nation.

  •  Off-Grid Electricity: an Immediate Power Solution?

    Billions of dollars have been spent on fixing Nigeria's national electricity grid, but the megawatts have hardly increased. Should Nigerians go off-grid by using mini-grids for industrial clusters, estates and communities, and stand-alone systems to power millions of SMEs? Click her for an animated video explaining the different off-grid options.

  • Do DisCos like Mini Grids?

    The draft mini-grid regulation by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has triggered criticism by potential investors into these off-grid power solutions for communities, estates and industrial clusters. Investors fear that Distribution Companies might take over their assets or price them out of their market share. In this interview, Mr. Adetunji Adeyeye of the Association of Nigerian Electricity…

  • What Stakeholders Think About NERC’s 2016 Draft Mini-Grid Regulation

    Mini-grids can significantly boost Nigeria’s energy profile. But so far, the regulatory landscape has not been clear enough to attract the needed investments to develop mini-grid projects. The Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) has drafted the 2016 Mini Grid Regulation with the intention to attract investments into mini-grids without hampering the operational successes of the Distribution Companies.…

Energy Mix

The energy mix of a country is the specific combination of energy sources which it utilises in meeting its electricity supply needs. In essence, energy mix refers to a breakdown, usually by proportion or percentages, of the different energy types or resources that make up a country’s total energy supply. An outline of a country’s energy mix is helpful in providing an idea of which energy sources the country is most dependent on. It also indicates which energy sources have a potential for expansion, considering the country’s total reserves of various energy sources. Of recent, given the reality of global warming, there has been a rise in global action calling for national energy mixes that lean away from fossil fuels towards having greater proportion of sustainable, renewable energy. In the light of local peculiarities, articles in this section are geared towards stimulating discussions which will potentially chart a course for a sustainable energy mix for Nigeria.