Energy Finance

  • Securing Financing Locally for Stand Alone Solutions through Aggregation

    Many local providers of Stand Alone Solutions, such as SME solar solutions and solar home systems, have had their fare share of difficulty in gaining access to finance. Reportedly, this is due to the low investment appeal of these particularly small-sized projects to energy financiers, banks and other providers of capital. This article highlights “scale” as a…

  • Breaking Access to Finance Barriers for RE Projects in Nigeria

    Renewable energy’s potential in contributing to national socio-economic development cannot be overemphasised. But certain key barriers continue to prevent RE project developers from securing the funds necessary to finance their projects. Largely from a private sector perspective, this article examines how the “competence factor” stifles access to finance for RE projects; ultimately proposing actions necessary for both…

  • Accessing BoI’s 1 Billion Naira Solar Fund for MSMEs

    In a receding economy, funding is hard to come by. Access to finance continues to be a potent factor hindering the growth of renewable energy in Nigeria. Recently, the Bank of Industry announced the release of a billion Naira fund for solar projects for MSMEs. This article beams on some characteristics of the fund.

  • 20+ Funding Sources for RE Developers in Nigeria

    If renewable energy must become mainstream in Nigeria, local developers must have access to innovative sources of finance. Information about these sources is therefore critical. Courtesy of Africa-EU RECP, we present over 20 funding sources, all in one place – ranging from equity, to debt and several forms of mixed-instrument financing – with information on offering size,…

Energy Finance

The flow of funds plays a very crucial role in shaping the direction of development. The availability or non-availability of finance and investments will dictate whether or not certain developmental projects will take effect before others, or whether or not they will even occur at all. Similarly, an absence of funds for financing power projects may pose significant challenges to meeting energy supply needs. As such, it is important that appropriate funding mechanisms exist to mobilise investments in energy technologies that meet the needs of the nation in ways that are sustainable, reliable, affordable and efficient. Articles in this section provide insights into what funds are available for growing the Nigerian energy sector, which energy types are been focused on, the existing financial bottlenecks and other related issues.